Allow access to Web App on Guest Network

I’m new to this GL-MT1300 router and when I first it up, it worked with no issues on the Guest Network. Now I’m having an issue as follows:

  1. Enabled Guest Wifi 5G Network that gives me the default IP 192.168.9.x for all guest clients
  2. I have an web application on a laptop that is also on the Guest 5G Wifi that’s always assigned IP of
  3. Guest scan QR code to access the guest network and scans another QR to access the web app.
  4. Then I would like the connected guest to drop the Wifi connection after 5-10 minutes.

I know there’s network isolation on the guest network, however I would all clients on the guest 5G Wifi network to only access The main router is not connected to any wan or ethernet cables.

This isn’t an ‘issue’. This is a request, in reverse order, for:

  1. Custom firewall rules to force Guest client device MACs to one LAN host:port
  2. Client device session duration limit via something to the effect of a Captive Portal.

Neither is support by GL. You’d have better luck asking on the OpenWrt Linux Forums: