Allow WireGuard client settings (servers) export

I have multiple routers and would like to export servers on one router to others, is any way you can add such functionality ?

How did these servers come from?

Shouldn’t they come from a .conf file?

I have imported via Configuration

When I add a configuration via App (easy with QR Code), it is found in /etc/config/wireguard …
As far as I see, I could copy this file via ssh/scp and transfer to another router.

But there are two reasons against this in production, for me:

  1. I’ve own only one GL.iNet Beryl
  2. I’d like to keep one config per service per device.
    If one device is compromised or lost, I am able to disable this one and not my whole wireguard network.

I can imagine the second one is, why it is not implemented in the GUI.

Yes, i need GUI export button

In firmware 4.x, you can upload a .zip file which contains multiple .conf files.

So you can store all of your config in files and then upload to different routers.

Does this solve the problem?


This could work, but i’m on 3.121, how to upgrade to v4 ?. I don’t see v4 here GL.iNet download center not here GitHub - gl-inet/glinet: All ipks for GL.iNet's official firmware.

Only AX1800 and AXT1800 has v4 firmware now. Other models will upgrade later.

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