Alternative to the function Force VPN (No Internet if VPN is not connected) on AR750S

Hi, is there a way to force the connection only when there is an active connection in VPN waiting for the function to be inserted in firmware update?


It does this by default. Not sure if this is what you meant.

I think i have the same problem than saxmo, i can’t find the chekbox for this option.

I’ve use physical Switchbutton for Ovpn client on & off.

When its on OR off, i have internet, in different IP (VPN turn on and off, but don’t disable internet when OFF)

You don’t have sommthing like this

how can we do ?

When you use the switch to turn on or off vpn, of course you will always have internet. It really turn VPN ON or OFF.

When you have VPN enabled but if VPN cannot connect, you will not have Internet. This is like the “force” option in old firmware checked.

But what about those who do not use the physical switch? (I have NEVER touched mine). There is no “enable” checkbox for VPN - for some unknown reason this was removed from the V3 firmware.
IMO we need to return to the old method where the router knows whether it is supposed to be using VPN or not (enable checkbox) and also a force checkbox to avoid leaks if the VPN drops or when changing server.

There is no enable check box but there is connect and disconnect button. You can still use the UI to control the vpn, cannot you?
So what is the real problem.

First, let me say that I appreciate your support and work with this new firmware but…

The problemS are:

If the VPN hangs and you need to reconnect, you have first to disconnect = LEAK (before you could simply click “apply” and it would disconnect and reconnect in one step with NO LEAKS).

If you wish to change server in same provider you have to disconnect + a dozen other steps/clicks, then reconnect = LEAKS

Thus, for those of us wishing to be watertight with internet access only if the VPN is active, it is imperative that we go back to the “Force VPN” option to ensure there are no leaks when switching servers (same provider) or reconnecting.
This new way of doing things (or rather, not doing them) renders the new firmware unusable and simply dangerous.

@alzhao Glitch is correct. The issue at the moment is that when you disconnect the VPN to connect to the other, during this time, any connected clients can connect to facebook, insta etc, any sites you use, and leak your information in the time it takes to click connect on the next VPN.

In the v2.x firmware internet was disabled for all clients if “force vpn” was selected, so even if you disconnect, the only thing that happens is no clients have internet, which is what we want.

v3 is automatically disabling the “force vpn” feature when disconnecting, causing this issue.
The solution is to have an option like in v2.x, letting the user decide when to disable the force vpn.

Yes, that is exactly the problem!

Okay. Understood now. But I think you misunderstood the “force vpn” option in old firmware. It does not do the work as you thought.

The force vpn option only disable internet if vpn is not connected. If not checked you will have normal internet if vpn failed. This is in the new firmware by default, i.e. when you set up vpn and it failed to connect, your data will not be leaked.

What does the work is actually changing the server without disconnecting vpn. This is what we are going to add. We added already and testing it.

Actually, that is exactly how I understood it!
And you are correct, in the new firmware their is no way to force VPN (ie. kill internet) if the VPN fails or disconnects.
This is exactly the same problem that I reported back in July 17 with the early v2 firmware (which was fixed then within 24 hours IIRC):


Okay. Clear.

The same function will be added later.

Now you can change server directly with the latest beta firmware 3.006. Can you pls test?

I am on AR300M and only see 3.0005, so will try that and report back.
Regarding the previous issue of leaks under the earlier test build (9xx), these appeared fixed in Build 1024 - thanks to all.

OK, 3.005 Build 1105.
Alphabetical servers list is done which is great

Change server in VPN > Status is working but you still have to click Server > Select > OK > Change Server when just clicking the Server > Change Server would do it (ie, could eliminate 2 unnecessary clicks)

Under VPN > Management, you still have the extra click “apply” meaning it’s Server > Select > OK > Apply (Server > OK/Apply would suffice)

Also in Management, cannot change server under current provider/profile while connected (this might be intentional but I am sure this was fixed in previous build)

When changing server, there is no Cancel button next to the OK if you change your mind

However, generally a massive improvement and the leaks when changing servers has been fixed (actually was fixed in the previous build already).

Thanks to the team for your work on this.

This does not seem to work in beta firmware 3.005 on AR-300M. If the OpenVPN server is reset or drops the connection, traffic proceeds without encryption.

Has this issue been sorted I only ask as im a newbie and also want the option for force VPN ( No internet if VPN is not connected

Yes, fixed in latest test firmware…but you have to first click “connect” in VPN menu.

Thanks but I dont see a connect in the vpn menu ,I only see status and mangaement

I am using an open vpn client

sorry im new at this

Have you uploaded the VPN config file(s)?

Anyway, sound like another +1 for bringing back the “force” checkbox!