Always 5 - 7 mbit/s with vpn


when is use the open vpn feature, my internet connection is reduced to 5,6,7 mbit/s, i tested it with different vpn providers.

seem it is normal.

I now use static routes to targets i want full speed and openvpn will be bypassed:

I’m suffering the same problem which makes it virtually useless for using with my media streamer, when using a PC with the VPN client linked to the same server I get 5 times the speed, I assume it’s the throughput of the router that’s slowing down.

Having an OpenVPN-connection starting from the router means the router has to encrypt and decrypt the traffic that flows through it. It can handle only a few mbit/s on its cpu. Many routers have that issue.

The CPU of your computer is many times faster, so it will have no problems in getting higher speeds.

Did a real world test with an AR300M and a MT300n V2 on Gigabit fiber connecting to Private Internet access that gets 100mbps down 30 mbps up on VPN on a desktop client


Ar300M: 12/12mbps

MT300 v2 10/10mbps