Amarok X1200 4G and failover

I’ve had my X1200 for a year now. Updated to the latest firmware, every time there is one. It’s using the static IP from my 4G, but frequently loses the 4G connection.

I have a wifi that is up ‘most’ of the time, and Amarok does nicely anytime its up. But frequently when the wifi goes down the X1200 does not switch to the 4G - when I look at the admin page on the X1200 it shows ‘Sim Card Not Registered.’ If I reset the modem it picks right up and works.

Sometimes it will just lose the connection - Sim Card Not Registered … modem reset works again.

Why do I have to reset the modem manually to get it to pick back up? Is there something to set up so that it retries automatically? If it were not reading the sim card, would it not still fail with a modem reset?

Feels like when it loses the 4G connection, it doesn’t try again until the modem or router is reset.

What to do?

Verified the FW is 3.105 dated 7 December 2020.
I found two versions of mwan3 running, a 2.6 and a 2.8 - uninstalled both as well as luci-app-mwan3, updated the plugin list, reinstalled luci-app-mwan3 and it pulled the 2.6 version of mwan3. I no longer see a 2.8 version of mwan3 … could that be an issue?

Will let it run for a few days to see if anything works differently.

This morning the wifi battery failed and the X1200 switched to the internal modem - something it hasn’t done in a very long time.

Was there a rollback of mwan3 from 2.8.something to 2.6.22-1?

The mwan3 version, maybe caused by recent repo upgrade.

We are working on firmware 3.200 which use openwrt 1907 and hope to upgrade the whole repo and will not have version problems.