Another Great Use for a GLI Router

Have one set up in the dining room @ home where it is in the range (the only place in the house where it can get the signal) of Comcast/Xfinity’s Wifi. Signed in to their captive portal and cloned my laptop’s MAC Address to the router. Now have Comcast/Xfinity wifi throughout the house. While I do have other wifi in the house, I can now use this additional wifi connection for alternate and testing purposes without disturbing my primary connection (which is always VPN connected through my router). However, the signal/speed is very useable, and could be used as someone’s primary home wifi.



Which model is this?

Is Comcast/Xfinity public free wifi?

Using vpn for data protection is great because you never know what the public wifi is getting from you.

What is the model of your home router? I have Asus and using openvpn server and it works great.

GL-AR300M with 2dbi external antenna. The antenna is great for pulling in the otherwise weak signal. Comcast/Xfinity is “free” public wifi that comes as a benefit if you buy Cable Internet from them. I don’t, but a friend gave me their login credentials since they don’t need the wifi. However, my method would work with any public free wifi. My home router is a Netgear R6400 on which I’ve loaded dd-wrt. I use OpenVPN on it and it works great. Router has great coverage in my large stone house.