Another Year, Another GL-iNet Purchase (USB-150)

My preferred airline has WiFi that’s free for elites, so I have it available on every flight I take (70-100/year). So I can share it among my phone, tablet (and sometimes laptop) I used to have an ASUS WL-330NUL ( that I would plug into a small battery pack and use that to NAT the connection so I’d only have to log in on only one of the devices and all the rest would have Internet. It’s been discontinued, so I got it on sale from eBay for about $25, and the whole setup of battery and mini-router would fit in my NC headphone case. But lately it’s been acting “funny”; it’s been taking longer to associate to the onboard WiFi, bringing up the management page once connected would sometimes time out, and thruput (which is never all that great aboard) seemed to have gotten worse, and because it’s been discontinued there’s no updates to speak of.

Then I found out you guys make the USB-150 … same basic form factor (I just had to dig a short USB extension out of the garage) and the reliability, frequent updates and well-used interfaces of the rest of the GL-iNet series, and I could get it from Amazon next-day for “free”; it was a no-brainer. It’s been working so much better than the 330NUL ever did, and I’ve even had people ask about the setup and maybe even generated a sale from it.

… so now I’m up to 4: (AR-750S, AR-750, AR-300M, and now USB-150). I’d started with the 750, got the Slate for the GigE, got the '300 'cause it was on sale for like ~$11, so there’s been a method to my madness :slight_smile: The Slate is my primary travel router, the '300 is in my messenger bag along with a portable battery, so for the most part every device still gets regular use.


I am glad that USB150 works for you as well. Once people try dual-band routers they will not use 2.4G only router regardless of form factor and price.

USB150 has a great design because it can just plug in your laptop and work as Ethernet adapter.

USB150 works great with ChromeBooks - which is a double win…

When I travel into the PRC, I leave my Mac/Windows machines home - Chromebooks are very hard to hack by design

I’m addicted as well! primarly needed an EAP capable router, so started with an AR750. Now i use it as a travel router, have a mt300n-v2 set up as wireguard server at someones home (fixed IP…) for content-blocking countries/hotels, an AR750s at home taking care of business and as we speak of setting up a B1300 to have a better signal in the back of my house. I want all!

B1300 is great as a WireGuard server…

Once I get logged into the hotel wifi with my USB150, turn on the WireGuard client, and secure internet back to a host I own and control (the B1300)