Antenna to Achieve Higher Download Speed


I recently purchased the Spitz 4G LTE GL-X750. It works up to a point with 6mbps as my top speed. I can get higher speeds on my phone on the same service. What antenna can I attach to the router to mount outside and get higher download speeds? Do I need two antenna? Can someone link to one that has worked or will work?



Sorry I do not have an antenna choice.

First you need to check what is the band the router is using in your area.

Then search Amazon for antenna and ask sellers if their product performs good in that band.


Don’t forget that your x750 is only a Cat 4 or 6 device and your phone probably Cat 16+. Depending on your telco and the bands they use this would maybe explain some of the speed difference due to better band aggregation on your phone.

I use these! It’s not a HUGE difference, but it certainly helps in those areas where speeds are low.