Any chance of Open Sourcing UI3.x?

I really love the UI you guys created. Would you ever consider open sourcing UI3.x now that you’re working on UI4.x?

I wouldn’t expect the cloud native features but just the UI and backend components.

I have another openwrt router and I just can’t stand using the LUCi interface and would love to load your vue.js interface.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The UI and backend is customized to suit our routers, e.g. Ethernet, wifi and LEDs. Merely port it to other routers may not work.

Is it already open source? If so is there any documentation and source? :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to a repository :+1::blush:

It would be cool and interesting to see :yum:

Atm im running a ax6s as modem, but like gl ui more, plus the api is also interesting to see as it is different than openwrts default one.

Do you guys have any source documentation and repo for the source code? :slight_smile:

No. The back end is not open source.

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