Any hardware with 1G ethernet

Hi guys,

I really like my AR150, however, it doesn’t have ethernet speeds that I need to use it as my main router on my LAN. I have a fiber connection into my home with 1G speeds, so I’d like to have hardware that supports 1G. Do you guys manufacture anything that supports those speeds?




We are designing new routers with Gigabig Ethernet and 802.11ac. Hopefully to have prototype end of this year.

When are you expecting these to become available? I am interested in dual 1Gb NIC devices. Also, any idea of pricing yet?
I am asking because we need to settle on a manufacturer asap as we continue working on our code. At the moment, we have been testing several manufacturers and so far, the MT300N seems a good fit, only we need a similar device with two gb ports.

It maybe available next year, March to May.

You can expect it is so small and fit inside the current case though.

Thanks. We’ll have to find something else in the meantime I guess. If you have any kind of beta tester program, please let me know about it as we always run these for weeks/months before sending them to customers after putting our own build on them.


will the new models be able to work with higher speeds? any updates on eta?

I currently got speeds with vpn of about 6-8 mbit/s (with GL-AR300M external antenna). My vpn is gbit and with openvpn on my laptop I can get the full 100mbit/s (24/7) of my internet line. Will the new model be able to give me this speed, too?

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OpenVPN speeds are more a function of the CPU, memory and encryption than the line speed. Wired vs wireless also play in. The CPU speed, number of cores and memory are 4-8 times that of the typical router in addition most current CPUs have hardware encryption on the chip (AES).

GHZ Ethernet speed will not fix this issue.

i only tried it with wlan till now.

about vpn:

AES-256-CBC for traffic encryption

4096 bit RSA keys for key exchange

SHA-512 as HMAC

Can you reduce your security? I use 1024 keys and 128-CBC and can get low teens on Ethernet with my AR-150 on a good connection.

Are you wireless on the WAN side too?

Are you on a service, if so what?


The new router can achieve better VPN speed, but it will never beat your PC.


Can you reduce your security? - no :frowning:

Are you wireless on the WAN side too? No, LAN cable

Are you on a service, if so what? I don’t understand that question. If my VPN is a service?


@ alzhao:

“The new router can achieve better VPN speed”.

–> Do you already have speedtest results? I would love maybe a GL-AR750M (PRO). With AC Wlan, gbit lan/wan port, passive cooled and enough speed to handle full 100mbit vpn :slight_smile: .



now tested with LAN/WLAN: both pending between 7-8 mbit/s with openvpn active…

I Haven’t test the speed using openvpn. But I think it cannot achieve 100Mbps OpenVPN.

I tested using Raspberry Pi model B and it can only achieve 30+ Mbps as well.

@alzhao is the new release the GL-AR300M(D)? I’m very interested in a 5GHZ model

@wifird, please check this: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet