Any hope for microUSB powered router with gigabit switch?


Do you guys have plan to release any mini router powered by microUSB but with gigabit ethernet ports? Something like ar750 would be ideal, or maybe some sort of lite version of B1300 with microUSB DC.

Yes. Soon we will have the first batch.

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Great, thanks for the information alzhao.

Excellent news! Keep us posted please!

Any new status and ETA on that mysterious new product? I hope its nothing like the google fiber coming to you soon…5th year and counting with no show

Have got the first batch but need some time to test carefulllllly

Thanks for the update!!!

Does it have similar form factor as the MT-300N? What’s the CPU speed?

So I see in openwrt.git, that on 25th of May it got support for AR750S that comes with 3x 1 GbE ports.

Any ETA for when it will be possible to buy one?

FWIW the commit:

ar71xx: add support for GL.iNet GL-AR750S

This patch adds supports for GL-AR750S.

- SOC: QCA9563 (775MHz)
- Flash: 16 MiB (W25Q128FVSG)
- RAM: 128 MiB DDR2
- Ethernet: 2x 1Gbps LAN + 1x 1Gbps WAN
- Wireless: 2.4GHz (bgn) and 5GHz (ac)
- USB: 1x USB 2.0 port
- Button: 1x switch button, 1x reset button
- LED: 3x LEDS (green)