Any models handle full gigabit speeds?

I’m looking at the gl-inet gl-at750s and gl-mv1000 that have gigabit ports. I need a device that can handle the full gigabit speed at the hardware level so I can use the CPU as a firewall/packet monitoring, etc.

These device can handle 800+ Mbps.

But if you need hardware NAT, you may not be able to do packet inspection. Doing packet inspection may need you to do software NAT.

I do need to monitor full speed gigabit speeds.
Do you have anything else that that can work for me since the above devices cannot handle that.

Maybe B1300 is better

Maybe or it would? Do you know for sure? I keep buying hardware that doesn’t work so am trying to be more selective.

I’d like to be sure. But I do not know everything. Only you knows if it works or not for your own applications.

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This reply doesn’t really make sense. You are suggesting I purchase one and find out the hard way.
I’d like to know directly from the company what they have tested and have found to be accurate.

In fact, this is now an old post, perhaps there is a newer device now that does do full GB at the hardware level?

I have seen my MV1000 hit 800+ mbps through a wired gigabit internet connection

For gigabit NAT + SQM you are better looking at something Intel based, really. You may have good results with a RPi4 too.

For a discussion with models and results: So you have 500Mbps-1Gbps fiber and need a router READ THIS FIRST - #86 by sumo - Hardware Questions and Recommendations - OpenWrt Forum

Can you speedtest it, I just got 1Gb connection at home