Any one from DK with GL-E750


Any one that can confirm this the correct setting for and Muddi GL-E750?

It performs bad on a good place only 50% comparred to my cellphone on 4g.


Hi Nedad,

You have the CAT4 or CAT6 Version? Even with CAT6 you will not have same performance like on a mobile CAT19.
CAT4 is the basic LTE and CAT6 will agregate only 2 LTE bands.
About what performance are you talking? On your mobile you have more than 100Mbps and Mudi 50% less? This is not bad performance for such device.

Hi Nedad,

5G phones typically support LTE CAT19, which has higher speeds compared to the CAT6 or CAT4 versions of the GL-E750. Therefore, when using the phone as a cellular network source and sharing internet connection, you may experience faster data rates with the phone than with the GL-E750 router.

Here is a comparison of the maximum speeds for different standards:
LTE CAT19: Max 1.6Gbps (DL)/200Mbps (UL)
LTE CAT12: Max 600Mbps (DL)/150Mbps (UL)
LTE CAT6: Max 300Mbps (DL)/50Mbps (UL)
LTE CAT4: Max 150Mbps (DL)/50Mbps (UL)