Any way to put X750 (sptiz) into passthrough mode?

Want to use my edgerouter X behind the Spitz and have the Spitz as a modem only. Any way to put it into a bridged or passthrough mode?

It cannot be put in passthrough mode.

Just to clarify, so this cannot be done from 4G/LTE to LAN? For the router to just pass the internet and not do DHCP or NAT?

What about for a wired modem on WAN to pass the internet to the LAN? Does the answer to this question apply to all the routers: Spitz, Slate, AR150, AR300, etc.?

Some posts seem to say that it is possible to use Access Point mode for this purpose but some others say no.

Thank you.

4G/LTE to LAN bridge is not possible on our router.

But hostless modem bridge is possible.

Can you elaborate on what that is and how to set it up?

I mean “hostless modem”. Sorry I made a typo.

Hostless modem itself is a host, with dhcp, gateway. By default you can set up as tethering in the router. Then you can change it to bridge in luci manually.