Any way to run a script when VPN is on/off?

I figured out /etc/gl-switch.d/, but that’s only for the physical switch, not the json-rpc call that’s executed from the webui.

I want to shut down tailscale when vpn is on and bring it back up when it’s off, because there are conflicts with tailscale + wireguard running at the same time.

Have you tried just looping a while true condition w/ sleep to check for the tailscale daemon & kill/launch accordingly? That’s my first thought for a ‘dirty hack.’ Eg:

root@GL-AX1800:~# ps -w | grep "while"
 6594 root      1172 S    ash -c while true; do sleep 1;head -v -n 8 /proc/meminfo; head -v -n 2 /proc/stat /proc/version /proc/upt

opkg install htop

Seems like a complete waste of resources

How so? ash is already running as apart of busybox. Launch w/ a nice -15 or -19 if you’re worried about CPU ticks.