Anybody having problems with B1300 showing errors "No cable detected in WAN. Please plug in an Internet cable."?

I just got a new B1300 and quite like everything, except that I can’t really use it!

I connected a LAN cable from my model’s LAN port to B1300’s WAN port, and set it up as DHCP mode. Then I connect to B1300 using wifi.

Things work well for sometimes a few minutes, or sometimes a few hours and then I can’t connect to the internet anymore. I logged into B1300 admin interface and found that it’s showing error “No cable detected in WAN. Please plug in an Internet cable.” I tried using different LAN cables, different ports on the modem but nothing helps. When this symptom shows, the light indicator on my modem is not lit (as if no hardware is plugged into the LAN port). I tried plugging other devices into the same LAN port on the modem and the light indicator is lit right away.

Am I having faulty hardware problems on B1300 or am I overlooking something? Anyone facing this problems?

This looks like a problem in hardware. I am not so sure.

Pls don’t post in every thread. Your other thread sait you are using MT1300. This post saying B1300.