Anyone connected to Xfinity Wifi hotspot 24/7?

I noticed xfinity gateway renewals DHCP lease time every 300 seconds and forces new IP every 12 hours if still connected. Do they Blacklist Mac address if ran 24/7 for months?

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yes it works fine for me on my ar750s i get about 29 down and 5 up.

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I can’t seem to hold a connection to it. I made my DNS server and I cloned my phones MAC. Do you use any other custom settings to maintain a connection to xfinitywifi? Thanks!

yes i have like 5 glinet routers connected for weeks on end no problems. did you authenticate the routers with an account or just connect to the open hotspot?

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you cant change the dns you must use the default dns that the hotspot gives you or you wont
logon the hotspot change the dns back to default acquire then after you have a connection then you can change the dns settings. and be sure to take off dns rebind protection.

I authenticated with my account but I set up custom DNS and I had rebind on. I’ll switch those two and see if it helps! Thank you!

By the way, did you clone your iPhones mac? Or do anything with a cloned mac?

No just sign in when you are connected to the hotspot any questions just drop me a line

Not to hijack this, it you seem to be familiar with Xfinity hotspots. Any chance you could explain the whole process to connect and repeat a hotspot signal either the xfinitywifi or the one that requires the password? I have authenticated on other devolves and tried cloning the MAC address and I just can’t get it to connect.

What Glinet device do you have? And you don’t need to clone the Mac address you should have 10 slots for xfinity wifi and remember it only works with 5Ghz turn off custom dns settings update to the latest firmware and be sure you have 2 bars or more of signal.

Anymore questions just ask.

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I have the mt1300 and latest update. I am going to repeater mode selecting the public(maybe that wasn’t clear before, this is not to a modem/WiFi router like at home, this is the public xfinity WiFi hotspots found out and about) xfinitywifi ssid(5ghz) and trying to connect and it times out everytime. This is all with no special dns settings and not cloning the MAC address.

Yes exactly the xfinity hotspots Downgrade the firmware to 2.03 if it won’t connect

Just found this thread as I’m trying to troubleshoot my GL-AR750.

It’s worked fine with xfinity for months, but I can’t get it to work all of a sudden. I turned off the DNS setting that was mentioned. I tried updating and reverting the firmware. The oldest version I found was 2.273, so that was the closest option to 2.03.

I haven’t had any consistent luck with any solutions though.

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You must reauth the device or try updating the firmware or change the Mac address in the settings then reconnect to the Xfinity hotspot and sign in.