AP1300LTE OpenWRT 21.02.1 Upgrade Procedure

I have a working image that I built using the patch you mentioned earlier in the thread. I just needed to you the ubi file in uboot first. After that, sysupgrades work perfectly. It was fairly straight forward after I realized what was happening.

Thanks for help. That pr need some change merge from openwrt developer. They told me there are mismatch between earlier patch and the nand’s datasheet.

I saw the comments. There are also some other changes that involve the magic bits too. Are you going to bring those changes in?

Openwrt developer has commit the changes to master branch, so using openwrt 21.02, we have to patch our own source then.

Okay… No worries. Are you going to patch backport the patch to 5.4.154? I have a working version, but it doesn’t have the dummy bytes mentioned in the patch for 5.15. I assume we still want these. The other option is to move to 22.03 ASAP. I’m not a fan of that idea though.

No, now we should update to 21.02.2, ie kernel 5.4.179.

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Are you referring to 21.02.02? If so, I agree. It gets us to the end of the 21.02 cycle with the wifi bug fixes without moving all the way to snapshot releases. Good idea for sure.

Yes, sorry typo, fixed that

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Good idea. Shouldn’t be too hard to quilt in, and when we decide to move to 22.x it’ll already be there.

It looks like OpenWRT 21.02.3 supports this device now… Is this correct? I don’t really want to brick my device. :slight_smile:

No. 21.02.3 also fails with GD5F1GQ5UExxG :face_holding_back_tears:. that support patch is merged to snapshot openwrt.

Ugh… I hope it makes it into 22.X… I have a bunch of these deployed. We are good with 21.02.1 with the patch we have but I want to get back onto the official repo. :slight_smile:

Can y’all share the steps to flash the OpenWRT snapshot mentioned in this quote. Thanks

Then Which one?

Use uboot to flash openwrt, please refer to this guide.

Older firmware equal or less than openwrt 22.03 do not support spi nand GD5F1GQ5UExxG.

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I followed that guide, but it only bricks. Do you have the link to the OpenWRT snapshot/firmware that you used.

So use 22.03 or later?

Only snapshot works.

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