App barely functions

I’ve been adding .conf files to my profile through the app, after uploading three it told me that the fourth was an unsupported file format, despite accepting the previous three which were exactly the same. I then logged into the browser interface and added some through there, the same issue quickly appeared and the ones which had been accepted through browser hadn’t been synchronised with the app, so it was a waste of time anyway. How can the software be so bad?

The .conf file, I think it is a WireGuard config, right?
Could you please DM the unsupported config file to me, I will test it, thanks.
Usually the standard WireGuard config file is supported by the app.
The config file will save in router if it import via web Admin Panel, it will save in phone if it import via app. Our future versions will support connecting the configuration saved on the router on the app.

No its OpenVPN but I had to get the .conf files instead of .ovpn because it wouldn’t accept a single .ovpn file, despite it saying .ovpn is supported. Its not one specific profile, it doesn’t accept any further imports after 3 for unknown reasons, I’ve tried various different .conf files, .ovpn files, through app, through browser, multihop and single hop server, and it all results in file unsupported format error. I suspect its a problem with the app rather than the files.

Please import the .zip OpenVPN config via web Admin Panel, its default url is