Appeal to developers

Dear Developers.
Please stop adding new features to the firmware updates.
Could you please focus on removing bugs from previous versions?
I have to admit that recently every upgrade is worse and worse and causes more damage than benefits.


Some of the new features appear to be preferred by persons who are far from GL-iNet core users. Given the GL-iNet product concept the profit and loss in the event of a problem should be higher than that of competitors.


I confirmed that there was no fatal mistranslation when translating into English with GoogleTranslate.
but sleepy now so can’t write in english🥴

それでも、例えばWPA3やIGMP Snoopingは「急ぎ過ぎている」のような追加に見えました。 (個人向けの製品に限れば)


専門知識のない人にとっては、自分の環境におけるWPA3の安全性を正しく評価することは、5G SIMの誇大広告を見破る事の100倍困難です。


たとえば、出荷台数と へのリクエスト数の推移を調べ、両者の相関について確認するのは良いアイデアです。

Appreciate your feedback. But what features do you mean? If you check the release notes of 3.201, it contains very few new features, but a lot of bug fixes.

I have 4 of your routers. Now I have to move all of them to openwrt, gl-inet firmware is not usable on daily basis. The last 2 upgrades were disaster.

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You still didn’t mention what new features.

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I dont use 100% of all days for checking gl firmware and it can be I am wrong, a its looks for me a little bit, gl is pklaying in some time updates from other software vendors, a not so often fix own bugs.

by the way. See the follow list of bugs. A it can be a hand f bugs are not on this list, because gl deleted the public “gl” buglist and I dont remember every bug which I found and reported p.e 2 years ago…

By the way. If I remember right, firmware developement are offered by openwrt and ddwrt as a service. I told already gl about on forum how to use this offered service. Pls. check by self by search function…

Your GUI is a pure disaster. F: 3.211.

Currently I can on my phone only log in then I see only white screen.

On the computer GUI works but slow as before.

As I said, GUI is a disaster. You’re killing your brand.

Happy to listen to your thoughts about GL user interface design. :gl_emoji_hi:
Please provide the details via this survey: User Interface Survey

It’s not about design. It looks fine (graphics, layout). The problem is that it doesn’t work properly.

Can you provide details on which function does not work or have issues?

years ago some gui issues can usually be allevieated with flushing your browser cash or sometimes an incogneto or private tab. although I haven’t run in to such in a while but usually my first goto. especially if your connecting to different routers. obviously not the long term solution but a place to start if it’s a quick fix that works.

I am a completely new user, so it may be that I have not encountered these problems, but I think the GUI interface (both the app and the web one) are one of the best ones out there.
I switched (well, kinda half-assed switched because of IPTV) from the default Telekom routers (I use the Flint one now) and I am more than happy with the new product.
I have just wanted to add a little positivity to this post here.


The first thing is that since ca. last year the gui has been working much worse than before. After 3.2 it has been working very slow.
The last stable version on USB150 allows me only to log in (phone), on the computer works just slow.