AR-150 USB-camera snapshort sending on email

Hello all!
I’ve AR-150 conected to USB camera.
Installed mjpg-streamer successfully and online video work normally.
How to send 1 snapshort image per day to email or cloud service, so I’ll able to check it later?
I thought to use option of saving image to fiule, then use mailsend to send it but Im nor sure that it will posiiblr with intrernal memory. Or may be possible to send image directly to cloud server?

earlier 1.x versions of gli-net software supported camera via gli web admin. openwrt got bigger and that functionality fell off.

May be I did not explain correctly.
I’ve already add support of video streaming and it’s work normally.
Because I’m not fluent with OpenWrt I would like to get help with follow:

  • how to make options for mjpg to save images to file in AR-150 memory
  • how to make sending above file to email once a day or upload it to cloud
  • which plugins could be removed from standard AR150 package to obtain enough inner memory to save jpg

Maybe refer to this? Warranty Void [GR0B]: OpenWRT Mjpg_streamer saving to file

mjpeg-streamer save a file has to refer to mjpeg-streamer docs. Cannot remember how to do it.

Send email you can refer to [OpenWrt Wiki] SMTP clients
But you can also make a web api to receive files without email