AR-300 (D) and ddwrt support

will ddwrt support Shadow ever? Somehow openwrt is more complex than ddwrt for me… I have ddwrt on couple of units (AR-150) so I would like to buy Shadow if ddwrt add support for it… I contacted ddwrt team but they told me they need unit for adding support… Is there another unit with same hardware (dual-band) as AR-300 that ddwrt supports?



I sent units to ddwrt to add support end of last year but still no more progress.

Thx. I reminded Brainslayer if you don’t mind #5742 (add port to GL AR300M(D)) – DD-WRT

I tried LEDE 17.01 and DDWRT r31277… both works great on my units but I like ddwrt more:)

GLiNet GUI is very good and intuitive! Keep up good work.