AR-300M - I2C and UART - 3.3V?

Just double checking - the UART and I2C pins on the AR-300M


(BTW - would be nice if they were pre-soldered in from the factory - saves a bit of work… and would be very useful for an OpenWRT driven product that it is)

Which board revs have issues in i2c?

It is 2.5V but 3.3V UART adapter should works without problem.

I think the UART is soldered already.

I can confirm that at least an AR300M-Lite works with an “FTDI” (eBay) adapter set to 3.3 V.

The placement of the board holes (which are not populated) allow the use of EZ-Hook leads, or the like.

Thanks - might be good to have that on the documentation…

My AR400M NAND board is rev 1.40, UART and I2C are not populated, the PCIe is populated.

Might be older stock, ordered it from Amazon (US) and it had older firmware and uboot.

BTW - kudos to whoever did the layout of the board, nice work :slight_smile:

@alzhao - which revisions have issues with i2c?

I cannot remember.

but it should have been fixed at least one year ago.