AR-300M Lite + USB hub

Will the router USB port works with USB LTE modem and a flash drive using powered USB hub at the same time?, i can’t test it out because i don’t have the modem & the USB hub yet, but if someone can confirm it working, then i will buy the modem & USB hub.

To be clear, I believe you are looking to do the following.

AR-300M —> USB HUB —> (USB Modem + USB Flash Drive)

I don’t have a device to confirm but I would NOT expect this solution to work with the GL-AR300M-Lite version as it does not have GPIO Control.

The GL-AR300M16 has GPIO Control and my understanding is that GPIO Control will allow the configuration you are looking to deploy.

Again, I cannot confirm this but I can almost guarantee what you’re looking for will NOT work on the Lite version.

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Well we are talking about USB here, it has nothing to do with GPIO or not.

@nomertiga The setup should work fine, other users on the forums have already used power hubs to run things like external hard disks as well.

Thank you for the reply, i forgot that android smartphone can be use as 4g modem, and your answer make me learn more about GPIO, i should have choose the Manggo, that one have 4 GPIO control.

I try to find similar post in the forum before making one, but none of them try the setting i was talking about and confirm it.

@Johnex thanks for the feedback. Can you enlighten me on what GPIO Control actually does then? Based on my research it seems to be required for allowing multiple devices to connect through a single USB port. I’m certainly no expert and would love to update my post for correctness.

The GPIO pins on the GL routers are just free pins from the processor. They can be used like a Raspberry PI would, you control the pins as you like from software.

On some devices such as Mifi and Mudi, the USB power pin to the Modem module is actually a GPIO pin, and it is used to shut down power to the module via software.

The USB spec requires you to be able to run things like a USB hub for multiple devices, and the GL routers are fully compliant with that. The only USB issues you can have are that the port only can supply 500mA power, so if you try to use a 1A external non externally powered drive, you can have issues, as well as some higher power usb modems.

So for using external hard disk, use a usb powered hub. Also if you need to run multiple devices, such as a modem AND a usb flash memory.

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Fantastic info, thanks for taking the time to respond!

@nomertiga you should change the selected answer to the first post from @Johnex. I was wrong about GPIO, it has nothing to do with your question. The hub architecture is part of the USB spec as @Johnex mentioned. Apologies for the confusion!