AR 300m USB port issue

Thanks in advance for help.

I have a New Netgear A7000 wifi USB network card/dongle, which I want to use with the router by plugging it directly into the USB port of the AR 300m. Is this possible, and what would the steps be to accomplish having the router recognize the A7000 wifi adapter.


If you use some old 2.4G only wifi adapter, it is highly possible being support in the default firmware.

For these new USB drivers, there is lack of drivers I think.

I never try this one though.

I use a USB Ralink network card and that works fine but i’m not sure about the A700 you are using. You might struggle to find drivers for that. Your best bet would be to login through LUCI (the LEDE admin) and try installing the USB packages there to see if any cover your network card. Good luck.