AR 750 not configurable

Hi yesterday i have seen, that the memory is < 1MB.
Therefore I rebootet the AR750. He never answerey anymore.
Today I resettet him (8sec-mode)
in Browser appes a Welcome Screen. I can change the Language, In next screen I have to set a password. I do this.
But after SUBMIT there is No REaktion :frowning:

what can I do?


As you reset, the IP cannot be Have you plugged the Internet cable the wrong port? It should plug into WAN, not LAN.

Can you post a screenshot of the UI? You may have used a very old firmware.

in the meetime I have resettet the AR750 mote times
after 3 or 4 trials She was sucessfully reboote and works fine (as I reported in another thread)
He had firmware 3.211

Maybe just change the power adapter will save your life.