AR-750 Use LAN port as 2nd WAN? Load balancing capable?

I have three ISP at home. Can I configure 1 or 2 LAN port to work as dual or triple WAN port in AR-750? Is the AR-750 Load Balancing capable? Thx

Yes. Here is the direction you need to do.

Modify /etc/config/network

You will find eth1 is configured as lan it there is vlan configuration of the two port.

Configure eth1.1 or eth1.2 as WAN port and set it to use dhcp. Just use the same configuration as wan configure.

Set the option metric value. You must set this value so it can be tracked by mwan3. A lower value means higher priority.

Now go to luci->network-> load balance and try.

Finally have a good luck!

Thank you, alzhao ! I’ve also found some useful links to configure if someone need to have a look.


Here is how I did it GL.iNet AR-750 Use LAN port as 2nd WAN · GitHub

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Hello @tiagonmas can u help me to change lan port as 2nd wan port in my gl-inet mango gl-mt300n v2. And setting load balance. Thxq b4

Hello, I learn how to make load balancing with some YT videos.
openwrt mwan3 load balancing

For example I remember this one is quite good and simple.