AR-750M LAN disconnects all the time

Hi All
I can’t connect my PC to new AR-750M router, the network connection constantly connects and disconnects showing “cable not connected” message. Tried different PCs, patch-cords, reset the router. Nothing helps. No wifi network also. The power LED is on but otherwise it looks completely dead. Any thoughts on that or should i ship the device back?

Is there insufficient power supply for it? Could you confirm that you use the standard adapter?

Aye, i tried it with AC adapter and with PC USB port.

The AC adapter is 5V/2A? If there still has problem, you can contact the seller to return it.

That won’t provide enough juice.

@kyson-lok thanks, was able to debrick it in recovery mode with 5V-2A adapter

Yes, it can. Is the device bricked?

I assume that this problem was solved.