AR-750S FTP to Fanuc Robot Issues


This is a rather odd one, and I am probably a bit out of my depth considering some of the other questions on this forum, but I recently purchased an AR-750S for the primary purpose of connecting to the local ethernet network used on industrial automation cells. These cells are always airgapped from the internet.
My main reason is so I can FTP into the robots on these cells, and take backups of them, or edit/load new code onto them via FTP.

For backups I wrote a script that uses the windows ftp cmd to pull everything, but when I try to use the script while connected through the AR-750S, it just hangs when it gets to the ‘mget .’ command while connected to the robot. Another program I use to edit the code while on the robot, Ultraedit, which has a built in ftp browser, always fails to connect. Unfortunately I can’t give more information besides they hang somewhere in the connection process, as they don’t really

When I remove the AR-750S, and connect directly via a wired connection to the same port with the same IP address the router was using, these issues disappear, so I am blaming the router.

Oddly enough filezilla works in both cases.

Is there any setting in the router that would cause this behavior?

Can you share your scripts?

Nice. New users cannot upload files.

Here is a link to the scripts:

Also, I was able to recreate the issue just from issuing the commands directly from the command prompt.