AR-750S Immediate restart connecting client

I’ve had this router for a few months and of course the moment I’m out of country with a laptop lacking and ethernet port it starts to act up. For a while I was daily resetting it’s connection, then it was being kicked from the local wifi, now the moment a client attempts to connect to 5/2.4G it does a full restart. This occurred while acting as a repeater and while not connected to any kind of network. Until i find a buddy with an ethernet port to attempt reloading the firmware through uboot, I trying to figure out a solution. The local network is a ubiquiti network with unknown rules. It’s barracks wifi on a base in a remote location ran by BaseFix. There are hardwired ethernet ports in the room but there’s no way to tell if they’re active with out an ethernet port on my laptop. Guess I really need to get me that thunderbolt dock I’ve been looking at.

The router itself doesn’t have any fancy settings on it. Just hidden SSIDs for the 5G and 2.4G and a wireguard client config that isn’t used/active. I’ve used the reset button to do a factory reset and having the same results.

Should it be a power issue? Try changing another power adapter and cable?

I’m embarrassed to say, but that may be the problem. Upon further inspection the adapter I’m using was rated at 1A output when the stock adapter and slate are rated for 2A. Was using a european samsung charger since I’m in Turkey and short on adapters. I haven’t ran into many (if any) cellphone charges with an output rating under 2A so there I was assuming stuff. Thanks for suggesting an idiot check (common term in my work). Hopefully that’s the only issue. Here I was worried it was overheating and it wasn’t even getting enough power, getting a good laugh out of that.