AR 750S Stability

I am very sad to say that I have returned my AR750 Slate. I’m really bummed, because the feature set is exactly what I wanted for a travel router, and I was really excited to get it – I’m a remote worker, and I intend to travel a lot and to use a router like this for work from locations I visit.

The problem was stability. It constantly dropped connection to the “upstream” wifi. So my windows devices would constantly show “no internet connection”. Sometimes it would drop “all the way”, and its own private wifi would not show up. It’s very easy to repro, all you have to do is set it up to connect to wifi connection (not wired), connect a device to it, and then do something that will use bandwidth (like running It will generally drop out in a couple of tries. It’s more likely to fail if you set up VPN on it (which was one of the features I was so excited about).

I can see online that I’m far from the only one with this problem, and I can see posts as far back as 2019, so it must be an ongoing issue.

I’m not writing this to troll – I’m writing this to tell you that if you should ever get the stability problem fixed, I will enthusiastically buy a new one. I really wanted this product to work. Sadly, it doesn’t.

What makes you think that the problem is with the AR750S rather than with your upstream WiFi or with your VPN? I have used their products for years and encountered some issues but never the problem you have described.

Hi. So the reason I say it’s the GL router is because I tested with and without it.

I tested on my jome wifi, so known quality (google fiber with a solid stable router that has been working for over a year.

I would get the failures on the gl router, and then immediately connect to the upstream wifi and run the same speed tests.

The results were very consistent — solid performance when directly connected to the main/upstream wifi and disconnects when connected to the gl.

If you still have the device, can you just change a power adapter and try?

Also ssh to the router and get the log using command logread.

Unfortunately, I already returned it (I was running out of time before I could)

I tried running with a slightly better power supply that I use with my raspberry pi — it’s rated at a stable 2.5 amps. Unfortunately, I still had the problem

I’m half- tempted to pick up another one though, if you think we can get it running stably. I really want for it to work.

Just yesterday, I came across a 3amp power supply I had and thought “I wish I’d found this before I returned the router”

What do you think are the chances that we can get one running stably as a wifi bridge (like if I were on hotel wifi), with the wiredguard client running at (5ghz)? (And with heavy bandwidth utilization)

If you’re sure that’s doable, I might try getting one again.

Nothing to do with power supply if you had ran with 2.5a. it’s the WiFi chipset is the problem more specifically the atheros firmware

Well darn — I installed the latest gl router firmware (which I’m assuming was just an OpenWRT update and wouldn’t have updated the wifi chipset. Is there anything else that can be done?

If you don’t need 5ghz. Maybe give the Mango a try

The GL devices have by standard follow wifi misconfiguration:

  • no configuration of your current country (its set by gl standard to us), so you get perhaps not all or wrong wifi channels.
  • The devices still dont support DFS support.
  • and so on

For more wifi related bugs and misconfiguration you can check the user driven bug list:

Isn’t there any plan to be able to set the correct country by the web gui?
I’m having wifi stability issue on a AR750S too when using it as a client/repeater :frowning:

You can setup this on advanced admin menu. A it lost this configuration still by every firmware update.

For more information about known and again and again reported wifi related bugs and misconfiguration you can check the user driven bug list:

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