AR150 as wifi to Ethernet adapter?


I recently got an AR150 thinking that it would be trivial to set it up as an ethernet adapter to connect my stereo receiver (wired ethernet) to the rest of my home wifi network (through an Airport Extreme).

It has not been as simple as I expected. I can get internet connectivity, but the other devices on my local network are not visible.

Is this possible? If so, can someone explain how I would configure things?


Are you trying to build a streamer. If so search “shair” for shair-port and shair-play.

I followed the directions here and got everything working the way I wanted.

At first I didn’t know the appropriate terms to search for.

If your home router support wds, you could use wds to implement this, without using relayd

It’s an airport extreme so I don’t think it will do WDS with the AR150.

An Airport Extreme will indeed do WDS with an AR150, but I don’t recommend it as the Airport will have severe stability issues mainly due to the non-standard implementation of WDS. The configuration will run for a few days before requiring a reboot. Best to stick with what you’ve got.