AR150 clean firmware refusing connections after changing IP

I got a new AR150 router, and flashed the clean firmware on it from firmware/ar150/clean/openwrt-clean-gl-ar150-1.0.bin. Had to do it via the uboot web interface as I couldn’t access the normal web interface or ssh in. After flashing it appeared to work fine, and I went in to the interface settings, and changed the LAN ip from to

After this, I changed the ip on my laptop to, I was able to successfully ping the router at I attempted to access luci at The webpage did not load. Attempted to telnet to port 80, and I got a connection refused error. Reflashed via uboot and confirmed that I was able to telnet to port 80 before changing the lan IP, and I was. After changing lan IP ports 22 and 80 do not respond at all. For some reason ping works. Not sure if this is an issue in the clean firmware, or an issue in my own environment.

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Did you solve this problem ?