AR150 Internal traffic stops after a while

Devices connected to router stops communicate each other after a while, but connecting to the public internet works without an issue. After restarting the router, communication works correctly.

How do I can debug the problem?

First, need to find out the exact problem.

Does the wifi brick? Or the wifi still connected but no traffic?

Did you have any settings on the router that may cause this problem? If you clear all the settings and start over, will it solve the problem?

@alzhao Client devices are still connected to wifi and there is a traffic with the public internet but not between local devices. Reconnecting from mobile devices did not change anything. Only restarting the router works.
On router SSID, password and DNS settings are set and no advanced settings have been touched (including VPN).
I will reset the router completely to see if anything will change.

One more question, are you connecting to the AR150 with good signal?

Yeah, at most 2-3 meters to router in the office space.