[AR150-POE] accessing to webgui via WAN without DDNS?

I would like to config the minirouter as in the figure.
Please note I will not use it as router, just as an edge network connected devices (no dhcp, no wifi)… I need it for linux, not for else. I dont need it can be reached from outside.
So, it should:

  1. be powered via POE (that forces me to connect the WAN port, right?)
  2. be accessible via WAN (webgui and ssh), because of the previous requirement
  3. receive IP and DNS from main router via dhcp
    Now, I’ve seen somewthere here in the forum that point two can be obtained activating DDNS, but I dont like it, so the question is:
    there is a different config I can you? Maybe “setting” the WAN port as a LAN one (and in this case, what else I should do?). I dont want to use WAN for power and LAN for accessing (if this is a solution), or using wifi, so the question could be also: how config WAN access without DDNS?
    Thanks a lot for any advice!

Your diagram should be OK. PoE is only on WAN so your connection is good.

You do not want to use AR150 as router, so no wifi and no need to provide network via lan?

Here is what you should do:

  1. Go to AR150’s web UI, in Firewall, open port 80.
  2. In your main router, configure port forward, e.g. port 8888 to IP_of_AR150 and port 80

Using the above should achieve your goal. It is easy. You should be able to access using your main router’s IP address.

But what is your final goal of this? What does AR150 do?

Another solution is that you consider our www.astrorelay.com solution. It is used to access device behind NAT.

really thanks for fast answering… so I just have to open the port and can I disable ddns?
I think that I do not need step 2., I should be able to reach it inside the LAN just with ip:port, right?

As said, I’m using it just for its linux embedded (actually is cheaper than raspberryPiZero :slight_smile: ): I’m trying to monitoring ups via apcupsd and I also would like to install cupsd so I can reach my usb printer via lan.

You are right.

You can disable ddns. DDNS is just giving a domain for your IP. But if you use IP address to access, no need domain.

Accessing from LAN does not need you to open port