AR150 restarts on a USB WiFi adapter


Whenever I insert a 5Ghz Realtek RTL8811AU (Alfa AWUS036ACS) USB adapter it is detected by the router (wlan1 (phy1) appears on the list of adapters).

However, as soon as I try to scan iwinfo wlan1 scan the scanning blue light on the USB adapter flashes briefly and then the whole router is restarted.

I am using a 5V / 2A power adapter.

Anyone any idea what could cause the restart?

The usb dongle draw too much power and cause the router to reboot.

this dongle is too much for the mini router.

Thank you @alzhao

Do you think adding a more powerful power adapter would help? (I don’t have any, but I can buy it)

I really don’t know. AR150 is not powerful to work with your external antenna.

You may have already knew, the wifif dongle should work with our MV1000 by default.

Thank you @alzhao I would much more prefer AR750S (as I need two 5GHz interfaces and do not use VPN so CPU speed is not of great concern)

Any idea if AR750S or even the upcoming MT1300 work with this adapter?

I’m happy to buy either, if I can plug this (or another) 5Ghz WiFi USB adapter.

I’d suggest MT1300, it can output more power than Slate.

Let me test and come back to you.

Hi @alzhao just wondering if you had the time to test the USB WiFi adapter (AWUS036ACS) with Slate and Beryl?

As soon as I get your confirmation, I’ll order one of them.

In MT1300, update report and search 8812

After install the driver and plug the dongle, you will see in dmesg

Then use command “wifi config” and now you have the config in /etc/config/wireless

But I cannot enable it and make it work.

Will test AR750s.

In AR750S 3.105 firmware, the wifi driver is not there yet. So cannot make it work either. It may work in openwrt 1907 but I don’t have a firmware now.