AR150 seems bricked, doesn't save firmware

Hi I need help with this little white AR150. I had it working, went to update firmware via admin panel then it wouldn’t restart. Go to LAN Uboot menu, says 3.201 or newer is needed. I have tried all sorts of firmwares, also for ar300M (as it says it on the pcb board) even though it’s marketed as an AR150. First I could set the dip switch for NOR, have a Mac, so tried on a windows machine, managed to save that in Uboot menu. Tried uploading any firmware via windows and Mac machine and the best I get is seeing the unit working/blinking, but either goes back to one green static led only. I don’t believe it’s totally bricked because I can still put it into boot mode, but screen says still firmware 3.201. It’s like it processes but doesn’t save?!

Please help! - if it helps the pcb board says it’s a GL-AR300M V1.5.2.