Ar150-tor-1.3 domino long password in config file

I have been running the ar150 tor firmware without problem and am curious about this configuration entry.
In the file //etc/config/domino there is an extra password line.
All I can find online is this link where all the other lines are the same, except it lacks the password entry.

My entry says option password ‘’ and between the quotes are 64 random characters.
I am wondering what it does, who uses it and how?

It is the hash of you password, which you set in the UI when you use the router for the first time.

OK thanks, so maybe not the current root password in //etc/shadow; probably got set to goodlife.

Can I use the passwd command to change it? I would need to know the user name if so.

It seems a good idea to verify it.

When might I need to know it? I already flashed the memory a couple of times, once when I got locked out changing the wireless device.

openwrt default user is ‘root’, but the password I believe alzhao is referring to is access to the router itself. You set this at first boot after you upgrade your firmware or press and hold the reset button for more than about 10 seconds.

goodlife is the default wireless password.

Not sure this is all the same under tor.

When you set up the router for the first time, you are asked to input a password, which is used by Linux root (in /etc/shadow) and UI login the long 64byte code. They are the same at the start. But you can change each code separately.

When you change using ‘passwd’ you changed the password in /etc/shadow but not the UI login. If you want to change the UI login password, do this in the UI’s ‘access’ page. If you want to change this manually, you can just write down your password, then use some tools to get its sha256 hash and write replace the 64 byte code in /etc/config/glconfig .


Thanks RangerZ and alzhao, that is quite clear now. I think I initially used the goodlife password for both and subsequently changed the root password. I’ll hash it to check. It isn’t in a situation where anyone will have access to the box, but good to know the details.