AR150 USB Flashing procedure (can someone please verify if this is correct)

Is this correct? I have not tested it yet.

A physical test would be nice, to be sure that it actually works. Maybe someone could do a little youtube video of this? GLi marketing department perhaps? (hint hint, nudge nudge)


i´ve bricked my device by using this method! totally bricked .

u-boot doesnt respond and leds are not blinking …i´ve totally broke my device


i´ve pulled down gpio16 to ground and inserted a fat32 usb flashdrive with a file called “latest.bin” … first the leds come on fine and after a few minutes i´ve rebooted my device and now… i dont have a gl-150 anymore :frowning:

alzhao is there a way to claim warranty or could u support me in any way? i know i´ve made the mistake but could we arrange some solution ? i´m not good at soldering and i doesnt have a flash programmer :frowning:

Using GPIO16 and USB disk to debrick the device is not tested by us. We suggest not to do it.

I will test using Domino Pi board to see if this works.

To flash the firmware, just do it from our stock firmware or using uboot web UI. Overview - GL.iNet Docs

@rene, where are you located? Seems the only way is to solder down the flash and debrick. Let me check if there is anything we can do. If possible, you can mail the defective one back and we send you a new one.

solely pull down GPIO16 doesn’t start the flashing process. Is there any other IO need to connect?

Hello Alzhao,

i´ve tested another power source the router is now working i think my power source was faulty.

and i can confirm gpio16 to gnd does nothing


Thank you anyways i thought my device was broken but it was only the power source! :slight_smile:

WOW, that woke me up!!

I’m happy to hear that it was a power issue and that the device works again.
I’m going to order a few more AR150’s to test with. I will make a note that this procedure is not yet working and under review.


I’m trying to figure it out myself. Only using the DominoCore datasheet as a guide

That states : GPIO16 Firmware download from USB when pulled DOWN to GND and when HIGH then it loads firmware from MDIO

Having this option will be great for de-bricking (once it works)


Alzhao said:

solely pull down GPIO16 doesn’t start the flashing process. Is there any other IO need to connect?

Not sure but now it looks like GPIO16 has to be pulled to GND. and then reboot the device
(with USB stick inserted and with GPIO pulled LOW)

Then U-boot sees that GPIO is low, then it looks for firmware on the USB, IF firmware is available then it flashes it to the ROM

All based on aasumption… I guess this is how it works… But not sure in any way until someone has tested it.

Seems need to pull up/down another GPIO to trigger the USB mode. I tried on Domino Pi before but cannot make it work. It can trigger the USB mode, but because it is undocumented, I cannot figure out how to go ahead. Now time goes on and I didn’t have time to try again.

I’m about to order a few more devices, still waiting for a few people if they also want to buy…

once they arrive I will have a closer look at this.