AR300M as routed repeater (client AP with NAT to LAN)?

Can anyone help me how to setup properly AR300 to connect to wifi AP (as AP client) and route internet to LAN port (on which my GLX750 is conneted via WAN port to be main router). So like a wifi bridge but with double NAT and with GLX750 isolated from primary AP.

AP>wireless connection>AR300 as AP client>LAN eth port>GLX750 wan port>clients (isolated from original AP, just using AR300 as middleman gateway).

Also is it possible to use only one ant port on AR300M-ext? Since i only have one omni ant (non MIMO) on the roof and AR300ext has 2 antennas?


  1. Connect your device to LAN.
  2. Set up repeater on the UI. Instructions Internet - GL.iNet Docs
  3. Done

You should keep the two antennas attached. But if you want, you can just change one antenna to your roof antenna to test the performance.

I am not sure you understood me well. I do not need “invisible” repeating.

primary AP (connected to internet) with lets say 192.168.0.x range > wifi connection > AR300 (connected as AP client to prmary AP) with its own subnet for lan, lets say 192.168.8.x > eth lan > wan Glx750 with its own subnet eg. 192.168.9.x isolated from primary AP. So it is double NAT, in a way “routed repeater”.

i will test with roof antenna + small omni that comes with ar300m. Hopefully there won’t be much transmission errors.


Why do you want WAN port has a separate subnet 192.168.9.x?

If not, it is just what I said.

yeah, WAN separate subnet. Sorry, my english is getting worse :slight_smile:

At the moment i tried extender/wds on AR300, and on extender for first few moments i do get separate subnet when checking GLX750 WAN, but after few mins WAN gets IP from primary AP and AR300 goes to invisible repeating and i need, as i mentioned, routed repeating.

thanks :slight_smile:

Do not use “extender/wds”.

Just a normal repeater in the Internet page.

thanks, will try that! :slight_smile:

Sorry i am such an idiot. I haven’t even seen under internet/wan there is repeater option. I was only looking at router mode. Sorry once more for your waste of time and my ignorance.

all works now, will check how it works with one antennna, if it’s flaky, will try to get mimo antenna instead.

best and thanks once more!

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