I have an AR300M at home, I’ve been using behind my router to log in via VPN so I can watch amazon without country restrictions. Since my VPN service was recently banned by amazon video Germany, I haven’t been able to do so any more. I was now thinking of placing my AR300M at my sisters house who lives in Germany and configure it as a VPN server.

My idea would be:

my TV → OpenVPN client at my home → OpenVPN server at my sister’s home → internet

Is there a way to do that with the AR300M? I know that it works well as a VPN client, but the VPN server functionality is not operational (yet), right?


You can use SSH to create a tunnel between the two ends without even needing OpenVPN.
I have used this in the past with great success, lots of information out there on how to do it and there is even a package to make it easy ie. sshtunnel
Worth a look anyway!

To configure openvpn server, you can refer to this post openvpn server. Or if you use v2.27 firmware, you can configure on WEB, which has integrated openvpn server, but just is a bate version.

I am using the VPN server beta in firmware 2.27. It works fine.

The server is configured to create a routed VPN (tun). Depending on the specifics of the setup you have in mind, you might need a bridged VPN (tap). The VPN server beta does tun only at this time.

Thank you all for your responses. It sounds tricky, to say at least. I’m rather considering using a Raspberry with Windows probably.

Hi there! Could please let us know how did you do the set up? Where we can find any instruction?


Using firmware v2.27

Go to VPN->VPN server page

  1. generate config files. This takes 1 minutes
  2. Export the config files for client
  3. Start the server.
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Had the same issue with AR300 And the solution is ridiculously simple. You just install VPN software. Almost any VPN will do. The better the software the better for you. Here’s a good link to it.