AR300M booting into ancient firmware

I’ve upgraded my beloved AR-300M to the beta 4.3.6 everything seems okay, but every now and then when I’m walking around with it in my bag, while connected at a hotel, it’ll shutdown and boot into an older firmware, 2.27.

That older version has the GL defaults for so and login info. Is that the NAND flash? Is there a way for me to update that?

It seems to also flash the lights in a rapid fashion, almost like strobe. Is there a hardware issue?

Are you using AR300M or AR300M16?

Could you upgrade again on the “Upgrade” page or via uboot? Upgrading via uboot can refer to Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Router Docs 4?

I am currently traveling, but can try when I get home.

Can you help me learn, is this the failsafe boot ? How do I force boot into it? Is it okay to update via the upgrade from the UI, or is the uboot way best?

This is AR300M, the original, not the 16 version

The link you gave is uboot, right? It requires setting manually and accessing UI via

When mine boots, it seems to give the DHCP address and the UI is accessible via

Maybe. I repeated attempts to upgrade to stable 4.3.7 and then downgrade to 3.105 for several times, but didn’t reproduce.

Both are OK. If update via UI failed, try ubbot.

Yes, that link is for uboot.It requires setting manually and accessing UI via, and please connect your computer to the WAN port instead of LAN port when upgrade via uboot, and remember to connect your computer back to LAN port after upgrading.