Ar300m cpu

I’m a bit confused about the processor on this unit. The website shows that it’s a Qualcomm QCA9531 (650MHz) however I’m actually seeing a QCA9533 via:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

The spec sheet for the QCA9533 shows that this is rated at 560Mhz but appears to be downclocked to 432Mhz.

I’m new to OpenWRT, am I seeing this right? What’s the reasoning behind the different chip and the downclock? Has anyone clocked this chip back to it’s rated speed of 560Mhz?



Hi obisidience: The Qca9531 and Qca9533 is based on a same Mips Core and have some differnet in hardware.The software is nearly the same.The chip we used in AR300M is QCA9531 v2.CPU Frequency is 650MHZ(9532 V2 is 650M too).the bogoMIPS is 432.53;And from (BogoMips mini-Howto) you will know they are different.

ok thanks for clarifying!