AR300m-ext uboot mess / brick?

Hi all,

I have an AR300M-ext that failed to boot from NOR with switch.
Sometimes I got it working but mostly via the bootcount.

Anyway I used the bin from: uboot-for-qca95xx/bin at 33dde1394a14df4e8686fe5d2e702203dfac0de9 · gl-inet/uboot-for-qca95xx · GitHub

and flashed it like described here(md5sum looked O.K.):

Via UART Serial I issued:
ath> run lu
Trying eth0
eth0 link down
Trying eth1
enet1 port0 up
dup 1 speed 1000
Using eth1 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename ‘uboot-gl-ar300m.bin’.
Load address: 0x80060000
Loading: #############
Bytes transferred = 65679 (1008f hex)
Erasing flash…
First 0x0 last 0x4 sector size 0x10000
Erased 5 sectors
Copy to Flash… write addr: 9f000000

Since this action the AR300M-ext is just lighting the three LEDs when you power it.

So something went terribly wrong.
Is there a JTAG where the broken Bootloader can be fixed?
Or another way to recover this?

Thanks in advance


Sorry no JTag.

If you brick the uboot you have to desolder the flash.

O.K. which chip to desolder (Picture) and what then to do with that chip?

I am also interested since I have the same problem with a destroyed uboot and all three leds on. I got exactly the same msg yesterday :roll_eyes:

I think the flash is on the backside with 2x4 contacts. Mine is from Winbond. There are adapters to flash it without having to desolder it. But I do not know how good they are and how to re-flash it.

Hi Oli,

me neither, I have now ordered a CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM Flasher BIOS USB Programmer with a “Clip” at EBAY.
And already found:

So first step is read the broken flash