AR300M flashing nand from nor

Hi at all,

is possible to flash nand firmware from nor?

I want to realize a restore function, i boot into nor interface, then execute script for download img update for nand and finally flash nand and reboot.

It’s possible?



Sorry, it doesn;t answer your question but why do you want to do that? What’s wrong with just booting into nand?

Hi, i use custom NAND Lede, but for upgrade i don’t want access into UBOOT, or use SHELL command.

I would like use custom NOR Lede for failsafe: i boot it, access into custom html pages and execute upgrade system process. The system download my custom NAND rom image and flashing it on NAND partition. After all it reboot into NAND.

This for realize simple system for NOOB users…

It doesn’t support writing the Nand firmware from Nor, although technically this should be fine. You have to compile the Nand driver into the nor firmware in order to do this.

Operating dual flash is really difficult for us and we don’t want to continue to add new functions. Even, for AR300M, we will remove the nand flash because of purchasing is so difficult. So, Nand version will end.

@alzhao, does it mean that ar300m will be discontinued soon?

We will remove nand flash and change the model to AR30016, which only has 16MB nor flash.

We will have some stock of AR300M with nand flash for hobbyists.