AR300M How do I enable scan/connect channels 14+

<p style=“text-align: right;”>Many hotels I stay at have SSID Channels above the factory range 1-12. Is there a way to enable the router to scan/connect to channels above existing. See range (image attached) at channel 161 & 48</p>

Correction 12+

Not sure if you’ve solved the problem, yet, but you might want to go into “Advanced settings” –> Network –> Interfaces –> Master –> Edit –> Advanced and change the country code to anything aside from US. Experiment around. EU countries support > 12 channels, for instance.


Good luck!

It would be a good idea if the firmware defaulted to anything other than US in it’s virgin state.

the settings should be changed when you set region. I think we will do this way.

Those channels is in 5G band. My device is limited to 2.4G band and cannot see these channels. I went ahead and purchased a dual channel device e.g. AR300MD (AR300M with 5G modules) in order to connect to these channels.

>>> the settings should be changed when you set region

But that means going into Luci, no? That’s how I did it because I am on channel 12 and that is hidden with the defualt US region.