AR300M: how to use empty (null) local domain suffix?

AR300M 3.105

By default, the .lan suffix is appended to all local DNS names. This broke my printer software, which is looking for MyPrinter, not MyPrinter.lan.

So in Advanced > DHCP and DNS > Local domain, I deleted lan and restarted, but I was still not able to ping MyPrinter.

If I use any non-null Local Domain Suffix, it works. For example, if I use Local Domain Suffix = BlahBlah, I can ping MyPrinter.BlahBlah. But empty (null) Local Domain Suffix does not work.

How can I use an empty (null) Local Domain Suffix?

Without changing any of the config, i can access a server called “MyServer” with either “http://myserver” or “http://myserver.lan” in chrome.

What printer software do you have? HP for example will scan the network and find my printer without issues, without touching any of the suffixes.