AR300M - Internet problems


Im having problems conguring the device using as a router and as repeater. In the setting it says that is connected but when I conect my laptop I have no internet. Any advice to solve thos problem or may be that the device is broken?. pls help

Is the wifi network a public wifi network with captive portal?

Or it is your own one. What IP address does the router get from your wifi network?

Is my private network. Actually today I tried the the device in a friend house and it worked perfectly, I dont know what is happening.

This is the connection from my house:

This is the connection from my friend house(Where the modem works):

Your home router is using the same IP address range as your AR300M ie 192.168.8.x
This is why you cannot access the Internet.
You will need to change one of them. eg your home router to 192.168.0.x like at your friend’s house.