AR300M-Lite clean firmware


Is there a clean firmware available for the AR300M-Lite? In your firmware directory I can only find clean images for the NAND flash, which the Lite version doesn’t have. I’ve been developing something on an MT300N, and I’m now ready to purchase more units to run it on, but the price of these has gone up on Amazon UK and the AR300M-Lite is now less than £1 more. So I’d like to use those instead as I think they will perform better, but really need the clean firmware.

Also, as it could be another option, is the MT300N-V2 likely to be available in the UK any time soon? And do you have any performance comparisons between the MT300N-V1/MT300N-V2/AR300M (i.e. CPU and WiFi throughput)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Right, we will make clean firmware for AR300M-Lite. So much to do recently.

For MT300-V2, WiFi throughput is around 80 to 90 on my iphone 6s. For cpu, openvpn encryption is up to 13 compared to 8 of v1.