AR300m lite, defective or just garbage?

I just took a gamble and grabbed an AR300M Lite off newegg. The claim of 300Mps is an absolute joke. Using it as a wisp bridge for travel the speed reduction is horrendous. 90Mbps up 10Mbps down connected directly to AP. Connected to 300M and same AP within 3-5 feet I can barely maintain 1Mbps up or down.

Connected to the same Wireless AP directy

WISP will cut speed in half but it should not be that slow. Have you set up any vpn on the router? Can you give a screenshot of the Internet status page?

No VPN, I just plugged it in and changed the SSID credentials and connected it to WAN to test it out before installing it in the RV.


Stats off my AP showing the bottle neck in AR300

If you have a cable, you may test the wifi performance when it is not working as repeater.

We can also exchange one for you for testing? Just to make sure it is not related to the specific item.

This is hardline with Cat7 cable to a TB switch on my same LAN. It’s sitting on my desk 2 feet away.

Definitely a drastic slowdown from 100mbs to 13 , although 13 hardwired is a lot better than 1 over WiFi.

This is not normal. AR300M series could achieve 70+ Mbps 2.4G wifi.

I’d be happy, expected with 20-30 as a repeater/WISP WAP. At only 1, I’d be better off to just have everything connect directly to the phone or tablet hotspot.

I have a similar issue - was there any solution?
Speedtest using the AR300M

Without the AR300M, my laptop directly connected to the wifi

Not using openvpn, but using mac spoofing.